Turtle- how to clean

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Turtle- how to clean

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:03 pm

First, dispatch the turtle. In my opinion, this is best done by shooting the turtle in the head with a .22 bullet. You must take care, of course, not to allow the snapper to bite you in the process.
When the turtle is dead, carefully sever the head at the top of the neck; some reflexes may still be present. Use cord or wire to hang the turtle by its tail and/or hind legs in an area protected from insects and allow it to bleed out for an hour or so.
Next, cut through the narrow connection between the turtle's upper and lower shells. Crowding the top shell very closely, use a fillet knife to cut it free, detaching the ribs from the top shell with a heavy knife or hatchet. The four legs and the neck can now be removed and skinned.
After rinsing them of blood, soak the turtle pieces in cold water with a bit of baking soda added to firm them. The yellow fat should be removed as it adds an undesirable flavor to the meat. Now your turtle meat is ready to cook.
Many people prefer turtle merely rolled in flour and browned in hot grease.


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