When Should a Code Be Removed with an OBD2 Vehicle?

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When Should a Code Be Removed with an OBD2 Vehicle?

Post  obd2tool on Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:37 am

OBD2 diagnostic tool trouble codes an automobile's "service engine soon" light. Clearing a trouble code should simply be done when the needed mending continues to be completed.

How You Can Obvious OBD2 Codes

A handheld code scanner is required to access the OBD2 system. Scanning devices all operate slightly in a different way by logo and model, but the operation is similar in spirit. The ELM327 Bluetooth scanner should be hooked to some vehicle's data link connection. The codes will have to be retrieved in the system. Then, an "erase" or "obvious" command should be keyed in to the scanner.

Trouble Codes

When the OBD2 system picks up a malfunction, a code is designated. When the malfunction repeats itself numerous occasions, the OBD2 system classifies it as being "trouble" after which activates an automobile's "check engine" light. Trouble code definitions are available in the scanner's manual an internet-based.

Pending Codes

Pending MaxiScan FR704 Code Reader don't have trouble status. But, when the problem continues, the machine can change the code's status to "Trouble." Pending codes don't activate a "service engine soon" light. However, they may be both read and removed by having an OBD2 handheld scanner.


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