Tofu Pad Thai Recipe

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Tofu Pad Thai Recipe

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Tofu Pad Thai Recipe

•1 jar Pad Thai sauce (I use Thai Kitchen)
•1 lb Tofu, extra firm
•1 Pkg Rice Noodles
•1 Green Pepper
•1 Red Pepper
•1 Broccoli Crown
•15 Baby carrots
•1 Lg White Onion
•3 Green Onions
•Chopped Peanuts

1.Drain tofu well and cut into small thin strips about 1/2 inch long and as thin as possible
2.Place tofu loosely in a bowl or Tupperware container and pour 1/2 pad thai sauce over tofu pieces
3.Cover and place in the fridge to marinate for several hours or over night.
4.Remove tofu from sauce as much as possible (keeping access sauce) and fry in a single layer (I have a med sized fry pan and I usually do two batches) until tofu in browned and crispy on both sides
5.Remove from fry pan and pour access sauce over to keep moist, cover to keep warm until serving
6.Prepare Rice Noodles in accordance with package directions
7.Chop Vegetables (I usually do this while the tofu is frying) and with the exception of the green onions toss in a bowl together,stir fry vegetables to ALMOST your desired crispness
8.Add remaining 1/2 jar of Pad Thai sauce and cook for an additional 5 min
9.Serve Vegetables over Rice Noodles , place a serving of tofu over Vegetables and top with Chopped Peanuts (can always be garnished with shredded carrot)


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