How to Register Infiniti QX56 Smart Key with Launch X431 Diagun IV

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How to Register Infiniti QX56 Smart Key with Launch X431 Diagun IV

Post  obd2tool on Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:17 am has lots of special function capacities, i.e EPB, Oil reset, ABS bleeding, TPMS reset, DPF, IMMO etc Here’s the test report of immo function. Guide to register 2 keys to a 2010 Infiniti QX56 with diagun4.

Connect Diagun IV scanner with vehicle via OBD socket

Select Special Functions->IMMO->Infiniti

Turn on ignition switch

Reading vehicle information

Read VIN,model, year etc success

Select Immobilizer/Key Programming->PIN code

Read 5-digit pin code success

Choose Smart key function->Automatic Scan->Rotary key type->Smart key

Insert smart key into key slot . Turn on ignition switch.

Select Register I-key

1-key ID registration will be performed.

Insert the registered mechanical key, turn on ignition

Erase completed

Remains 4 keys unregistered

Select key 1 position

Press I-key’s button (within the inside key antenna detection area)

1st key has been registered.

Insert next registered ignition key into key cylinder

Press I-key button as well

2nd smart key has been registered

Launch X431 Diagun IV registered 2 Infiniti smart keys completed.

Test the new keys.



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