Cabbage Pancakes

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Cabbage Pancakes

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Cabbage Pancakes

½ LB Sauerkraut – drained and chopped very fine

1 LB Raw Potatoes – peeled and grated fine

2 Eggs

½ Cup of Flour for bread making machines

(but all purpose flour will do too)

2 TSP Potato Starch (Corn starch will do too)

2 Cloves of Garlic – minced or pressed

½ TSP Salt and Pepper

¼ TSP Baking powder

½ Cup of water

Yogurt or Sour Cream with chopped Chives or Parsley

Sauerkraut is drained (liquid can be saved and used instead of water, but it could be too sour), than is chopped crosswise. Put drained and prepared sauerkraut into a bowl, add minced Garlic, salt, pepper and baking powder.

Peel and grate potatoes (fine), get rid of liquid and add to Sauerkraut

with Eggs, Starch and Flour – mix all well until you get pancake style dough must be quite liquid, if needed add the water and/or Sauerkraut liquid.

In greased sauce pan, spread the dough into pancakes about ½ inch

thick and size you like - fry to golden color on both sides.

Serve with Yogurt and/or Sour Cream and Chives as topping – they are best when warm.

Makes about 4 – 6 pancakes (depends on size); to double the recipe just multiply all by 1.75


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