how to make bakers cheese

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how to make bakers cheese

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BAKER'S CHEESE (On the market, you may also find it under the name "cooking cheese" or "white cheese" or dry cottage cheese, such as ricotta.)

Following this recipe for the cheese is my recipe for "Milwaukee Cheesecake" along with some background on how I got into this cheese. Baker's cheese is made from skimmed milk so it is a natural for powdered milk. This is the procedure for about a pound of cheese from a gallon of milk.

1. Mix up a gallon of milk from powder. I used one gallon of water and 388 grams powdered milk. Alternatively, use a gallon of 1% milk.

2. Heat to 90F and add 1/8 tsp EZAL culture or whatever you use as equivalent.

3. A few drops of rennet in 1/4 cup water is added to milk.

4. Let sit for 8 hrs if you can keep the temp at about 90F or overnight at room temp. Actual target is pH of 4.5 if you have a way to measure it.

5. Pour curds and whey into cheesecloth lined colander and then hang up to drain for 15 minutes.

6. Press bag lightly between boards and drain until "moist but not wet". This take about 2 hrs.

The cheese can then be refrigerated till needed. It is also, one of the few cheeses that freezes well.

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